Have a small one-day tour of Procida, from the historical Terra Murata till the harbour of Marina Chiaiolella, passing by the colorful fisherman’s village of Corricella, between the  nature and local architecture, the authentic flavors of the island and atmosphere of old times. The island of Procida, just a few miles from the mainland, is easily reached in less than an hour from the harbours of Naples or Pozzuoli. Its small size, less 4 square km, makes it possible to explore the island in one day; therefore, you can visit almost everything, just know where to go and how to reach various sights. With the ferry or hydrofoil you will reach the port of Marina Grande, the liveliest part of the island, where you can find restaurants, bars, boutiques, handicraft and souvenir shop, as well as scooter, bicycle, minivan and different boat rentals.

Terra Murata, the former Bourbon prison and the Abbey of San Michele.

Terra Murata, the former Bourbon prison and the Abbey of San Michele.

After passing through Via Roma and reaching the seventeenth-century Church of Santa Maria della Pietà, turn to Via Vittorio Emanuele and then continue left to via Principe Umberto, which leads to the entrance of Terra Murata. It is possible to reach it on foot, which will take about 20 minutes, by taking a small bus (C2) that stops in front of the Church or taking a taxi, a good choice if you want to see Procida in one single day.

After crossing the ancient door you enter another dimension, almost like in another era. The first stop is at the former Bourbon prison, the silent witness of the history of this small village. Not working since 1988, it has been recently reopened to the public, a visit where you can book on the website of the Municipality of Procida: ww.comune.procida.na.it .

The guided tour lasts about an hour and costs 10 € to visit the courtyard, the barracks of the guards, the building of single cells, the pavilion of the guards, the veterans building, the medical center and the part of the old land agricultural land cultivated by the prisoners.

Walking inside the walls of the former prison, we gradually enter into into the oldest part of the island, located high up, with a perfect view over the Gulf of Naples. Here, among the typical architecture, large courtyards overlooked by small houses with external giraffe neck looking staircases, between clothes hanging out in the sun and the visible sea, you can see the Abbey of San Michele (XI sec.), a jewel, located in the narrow streets of the village.

In addition to the church, with its coffered in wood and gold ceiling (XVII century) and a painted San Michele defeating Satan (1699) in the center, you can visit the museum complex, situated three floors below the abbey. While going down the stairs, you can admire the incredible view of the sea from the small windows.

La Corricella: the fisherman’s village.

From Terra Murata you can continue your one day tour of Procida by descending the street on foot, to admire the amazing view. Just behind the door, on the left, a small road leads to the Church of Santa Margherita Nuova, splendid with its almost metaphysical forms, framed on one side by the ridge from which you can observe Terra Murata and the island, with a view that goes from Corricella to the promontory that closes the beach of Chiaia.

At the height of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie you turn left and finally down the stairs you arrive in an ancient and colorful world world, Marina Corricella, made of fishermen intending to weave nets, of children playing while women stretch out I cloth taking advantage of the intense sun that constantly kisses this magical place.

A splendid puzzle: a splendid setting, also chosen to shoot famous brands (the latest by Dolce and Gabbana) and world-famous films, such as Il Postino (1994, Michael Radford), with Massimo Troisi and Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

A procida lemons granita and a “paranza” dish, composed of small freshly caught fish, in one of the characteristic little restaurants where you can taste the true island cuisine and go back to the port to reach the last leg of the journey.

Chiaiolella and Vivara: between nature and the sea.marina chiaiolella

You go back down to the dove port next to the maritime station there is the bus terminal L1 or L2 that kneels on the opposite side of the island: Marina Chiaiolella. This is another lively center, an unmissable stop for those who want to visit Procida, in one day or maybe even taking a weekend to relax on the long beach of Ciraccio and Ciracciello, with views of Ischia and the islet of Vivara. Here you can have lunch in one of the restaurants along the sea or in front of the beautiful tasting of local flavors, or maybe enjoy a nice kayak ride to discover the mysterious island of Vivara.

Portion of the volcano crater of which also once was part of Procida, is connected to the island by an old bridge and is a protected nature reserve recently opened to the public only by reservation.

To book a visit to Vivara with a nature guide authorized by the RNS it is necessary to go on this link:www.Comune.procida.it and specify the data of each visitor and simultaneously make the payment online on the same page or make a bank transfer within 48 hours from the day of the visit to the Municipality of Procida IBAN IT26 W07601 03400 0000 18690 990.

The route is fascinating: here, in fact, traces of prehistoric peoples have been found.

When the weather permits, for those who love absolute relaxation and want to close the Procida tour in one day, you can choose to spend a few hours lying on a comfortable sun bed or in the shade of a parasol, far away from the warm beach but without renouncing the sea breeze and the view in one of the island’s solarium, among fresh cocktails and music lounge immersed in an elegant swimming pool by the sea.

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